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Motherson Auto Parts Aerobin Insulated Composter (400 Litre, Green and Grey)

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Material: Plastic, Color: Green/Grey
Item Dimension: 74 cm x 74 cm x 120 cm
Package Contents: 1-Piece Aerobin Composter (400 Litres)
Double wall insulated with polystyrene against cold weather
Unique patented self aeration lung means no turning needed
Heavy duty construction does not blow over or fall apart
Aerobin has a base with reservoir to collect its own liquid organic fertilizer
The Aerobin 400 insulated composter is the true revolution in composters

Product description

Product Description

About the Aerobin: Assembles in 10-20 minutes without the need for any hand tools assembly instructions will come with your aerobin. Assembled the aerobin 400 is 740 (l) x 740 (w) x 1200 mm (h) & weighs 26 kgs. Aerobin must be installed on a level and solid foundation such as concrete paths or bricks or pavers or heavy timber never on soil or grass surfaces only. Walls and lid are 38mm thick. It comes with 2 access doors for ease of harvesting the compost from the aerobin. Capacity is 400 litres or 400 kgs. Rodent resistant. Aerobin supports healthy aerobic composting which experts claim is the preferred means of composting. Warranty: 3 year warranty against manufacturing or material defects. Developed and designed in australia – manufactured in india. How to operate aerobin: Utilise the composting simulator on the aerobin website to ensure that the ingredients that you intend composting will satisfy the required carbon: Nitrogen ratio, moisture% content and biomass density and if the simulation shows that your recipe will work, then the same ingredients and weight of ingredients loaded into your aerobin will decompose and compost aerobically. Organic materials that come from the household must be relatively fresh – don’t add slimy decaying material. The carbon content will also come from the organic kitchen and garden materials – but it can also come from cardboard rolls from toilet paper, foil, plastic wrap etc, balled newsprint, plain cardboard packaging, serviettes, paper wipes etc. Premix the ingredients before loading them into the aerobin. Periodically check how the composting effort is running. Keep feeding material into the aerobin – daily if possible – if the ingredients change at any time run them through the compost simulator first. In 8-12 weeks harvest compost from the lower level of the aerobin.

From the Manufacturer

The name Motherson Auto Parts stands for worldclass products that the company brings to its customers. The product quality is driven by company's vision to be a globally preferred solution provider in the independent after-market space.